Investor Onboarding

Tutorial videos to get you up and running quickly.


We’re excited that you’re here! Watch our introduction video to get up to speed quickly on how to use this video tutorial page. Each video is designed to take you through specific steps in the journey of investing with our firm.

If you still need help getting started you can set up a time to meet with us to go over any remaining questions you might have.

Understanding the Dashboard



Get to learn more about the dashboard and all of the other menu items contained within your account.

Connecting Your Bank Account

Learn how to link your financial information with the North Peak software.

How To Invest In A Deal

Once your account is connected, we take you through a basic walk-through explaining how to invest in our perpetual fund or a specific deal.

Need help uploading images or documents to North Peak?

Please download the Adobe Scan app for iPhone or Android. This will allow you to upload documents to our investment management software during your initial signup process.

How to Sign the Subscription Agreement

Learn how to sign the subscription agreement and understand what areas apply to you as an investor.

Section 2: Identification

A quick walkthrough of each area of the identification section.

How to upload a document

A quick tutorial on how to upload your proof of identity and any other documents you may need during the initial setup process.

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