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Investors have been riding an unprecedented Bull Market for over 8 years. Now, portfolio diversification is more important than ever as Investors see dramatic market fluctuations. North Peak bucks against this system by focusing our energies where real estate markets are stable, uninflated and have room to grow.

*12% Rate of Return

We are currently offering a handsome 12% annual rate of return to investors. Compounded annually, your money doubles every 7 years.

Diversified Portfolio

As a “pooled” fund, investor dollars are equally spread out across many properties at once, reducing risk in any individual investment.

Projects Under Contract

Properties are being added to our portfolio monthly, ensuring we have options as our fund grows. Currently, we have over 2100 properties under contract.

High Reinvestment Rate

Individual projects average 107 days, allowing North Peak to reinvest fund monies 3 to 5 times per year, further reducing risk.

Transparent Reporting

North Peak provides investors with a running tally on all active and completed projects. Access this report 24/7, 365.

Open Communication

Using a variety of media avenues, North Peak likes to stay in touch with our investors with quarterly updates to monthly tid-bits.

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P: 503-217-2444
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