Montgomery, AL

Why Montgomery?

USA Today listed Montgomery as one of 20 nominees for Best Historic City in the nation. The Montgomery-Al­exander City Combined Statistical Area (CSA) is made up of six counties in central Alabama. The statistical area includes one metropolitan area and one microp-olitan area and has a population of over 418,000.

The city has seen a downtown revitalization and Southern Living Magazine states; “With the addition of restau­rants and nightlife near the Riverwalk Stadium, Montgomery is livelier than ever.” There are many museums dedi­cated to art, music and history, beautiful parks, top caliber golf courses and sporting venues for amateur athletes. The Cramton Bowl Multiplex is a brand new 90,000 square foot indoor sports facility. Year round events are held in the community from Shakespeare productions to street festivals. On the banks of the Alabama River, near the his­toric Union Station is Riverfront Park. An old fashioned riverboat ride can be taken straight into Riverwalk Stadium where events, concerts and baseball games are held.  

Fast Facts

  • Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama – Hyundai’s first manufacturing plant in the United States. In 2012 the assembly plant set a record high producing 361,348 vehicles
  • According to Moody’s Economy, Mont­gomery’s Cost of Doing Business is 87% of the national average and Cost of Living is 95% of the national average.
  •  In Februry 2014, the unemployment rate sat just below the national average at 6.6%.
  • Eight colleges and universities in the city, with enrollment totaling more than 20,000
  • Cash flow opportunities are in the 10% – 18% ROI (Return on Investment) range.
  • Foreclosures are down 55% from last year, and prices went up 4.84% last quarter, “CNN Money” rates Birmingham #8 hottest housing market in the U.S. for 2014. 
  • Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama and the second largest city in the state.

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MSA Population Ranking: 373,792

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