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Why San Antonio?

The city of Chicago is home to nearly 2.7 million residents, making it the third largest city in the United States. There are a number of factors that make Chicago extremely appealing, to its residents as well as the 40 million people who visit each year. Due to the dozens of Fortune 500 companies with either headquarters or major operations in the area, combined with the excellent Universities and Colleges, Chicago remains a major destination for top talent looking to establish or continue their careers. However it is not just the businesses and economy that makes Chicago so attractive, it is the cultural diversity and vibrancy that makes people stay and call Chicago their home.

While buyers will see the same trends in the economy, demography and housing as other major metropolitan areas, prices are about a third less than their counterparts. With a strong steady investment and development outlook, and rising international real estate profile, Chicago is becoming the permier destination for investment.

Fast Facts

  • World Famous International Destination With Over 70 Million Visitors Annually.
  • 3rd Largest Metro Area in the U.S.
  • 9.5 Million People in the MSA
  • #1 diversified economy in the U.S.
  • Over 55% of the Population Rents In Comparison To The National Average Of 36%.
  • The 4th Most Economically Powerful City In The World.
  • Global Derivatives Trading Volume of Over 3 Billion.
  • Home to 31 Fortune 500 Companies.
  • The Chicago Housing Authority is the Third Largest Public Housing Agency in the U.S.

Metro Profile

MSA Population Ranking: 2,384,075


Population That Rents Here


Average Estimated ROI

What we’re doing in San Antonio

North Peak enjoys some pretty awesome relationships that get us great opportunities. We get to pass those opportunities on to our investors. San Antonio is no exception…

Through creative thinking and wholesale pricing, we can offer new homes WITH warranties that perform at Turnkey pricing and ROI!

How can we do this? Well, truth is we can’t do it all the time so these opportunities come up randomly and are limited in supply… for a good reason. Go to our “New Builds” page, check it out and contact us to check on availability. 

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